24/05/18 | 14:28
Attention for our users! PayPal payment works not in all countries by our personal link PayPal.me If you have no option "Personal payment" or "Commercial payment", then you need to pay from your
23/05/18 | 21:45
Attention! If you want to pay via PayPal, you must send only personal payments! Otherwise the system will ignore your funds! And don't indicate the shipping address!
21/05/18 | 17:01
Dear users! Now, we accept ONLY personal PayPal payments (payment as `family or friends`). Please note that it is IMPORTANT when paying to indicate  numbers, that generating in the
18/05/18 | 18:35
Dear users! From 1 of June 2018, payment for PayPal will be credited only if the PayPal account and your SMSPVA account are registered to one email. If your email address of the SMSPVA account is
14/05/18 | 22:41
 Dear friends, we are looking for partners for accepting payments from China. The problem is: at the moment we can not accept Alipay and Wechat payments. Which is our users are not always
11/05/18 | 12:05
We are looking for a decent, honest man from China who will be able to sell promocodes on their own website for top up smspva balances. Requirements: - Website must automatically trade digital
10/05/18 | 19:59
In nearest 2-3 days there will be no Kazakhstan numbers. We are doing our best to resume the work.
07/05/18 | 11:36
Dear users! In our accounts store there are coupons available for quick balance top up! You can buy and then sell a coupon to any user on the Internet. Coupons are popular in China and Asia, where
29/04/18 | 12:04
Numbers (UK) for Nike are again available in large numbers.
12/04/18 | 22:43
 QIWI wallet + VCC from 0 to 5 pcs. $3 from 6 to 10 pcs. $2 from 11 to 1000 pcs. $1.5