News for Egypt users! We have new seller of refill codes. He accepts bank transfers, vodafone cash and more wallets. See in the Refill codes sellers page of the Balance section.
25/11/16 | 18:02
Currently conducted technical work. Possible disruption in 5-10 minutes. Please apologize for any inconvenience.
05/11/16 | 21:57
Yahoo code = $0.03
27/10/16 | 18:59
Dear users! Observed problems with receiving codes from VKontakte, because system does not receive SMS. Interruptions caused by operator or by the VK. We find the causes and seek a solution. If you
21/09/16 | 14:38
Dear friends, We are glad to inform you that Instagram activator work again.
13/09/16 | 17:46
Instagram activator is temporarily closed. Because instagram changes its algorithms.
23/08/16 | 11:39
With the loading of new SIM card costs Wechat $ 0.3
15/08/16 | 17:26
Dear users. We are looking for a specialist to help enter the Chinese market. We need help in registration icp license, and placing the site on the territory of China. If you can help, write to skype
03/08/16 | 12:06
Dear friends, We are glad to inform you that the technical work on the proxy servers are over, and now Instagram Activator, Instagram creator and Twitter creator working in normal mode. Sincerely,
02/08/16 | 15:11
Dear friends, In connection with the move to a more technological equipment of our partners who provide us with the proxy server, temporarily will not work Instagram Creator, Instagram Activator,
29/07/16 | 14:37
Instagram activator only works with your proxy. Our proxy is currently not available!