20/03/17 | 13:51
Attention!!! Facebook changed description of sms. We configured system. Now, we again getting sms from Facebook correctly.
13/03/17 | 22:17
Gmail PVA (High quality)+ Additional Email (Rambler.ru). Russian names   Welcome http://smspva.com/store-new.html
13/03/17 | 14:31
Now, for use option "WebPhone" you can buy in account store "Sim card Beeline" and enter this number for getting call. With that SIM card you can verify service like instagram, twitter and etc using
09/03/17 | 20:50
Added new service - Zalo
04/03/17 | 18:04
We renewed automatically accept PayPal. Please note that at the moment we accept payments payments of $ 1 and $ 5. Only a fixed amount of payment! Be careful. You can not change the amount and
03/03/17 | 14:19
We looking for persons, who will take from 2000 numbers every day. For them we suggest special cost. Write in skype: alex268040
28/02/17 | 20:17
We stopped receiving PayPal payments. We hope in the near future will be available again PayPal
28/02/17 | 11:57
Wechat = $0.25 Choosing the necessary operator "MegaFon"
23/02/17 | 16:31
Tonight planned engineering works. Possible disruption to the site. Please apologize for any inconvenience.
20/02/17 | 12:49
We again began to accept payments via PayPal system!