Attention! Only we have new, real numbers from Belarus!
31/12/18 | 18:17
Dear users! With all my heart, the SMSPVA team wishes you a Happy New Year! We wish you health and prosperity in all your endeavors in the New, 2019 year. P.S. Please note that the support service
10/12/18 | 14:12
Dear users, we added new numbers - Macao!
05/12/18 | 17:25
Dear users, 4G-proxy are available now! Added 2 hours for using as compensation for proxy's users.
30/11/18 | 11:30
Dear users, added new countries: ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Paraguay for rent, Argentina in activation. Phone numbers of new countries, it is always better for verification! ☝️
27/11/18 | 16:51
Sale! For Netherlands rooms we have reduced prices for all services by at least 10%. Time shares limited.
27/11/18 | 13:25
For payment via Skrill write to Skype - live:smspva
24/11/18 | 13:06
In test mode, we started taking Skrill. For payment, please contact the seller in Skype refill code Maria ` live:smspva `
24/11/18 | 11:18
Dear users, as a result of improving the quality of our service, there is no need to manually start the sms search. SMS search starts automatically, immediately after receiving the number
17/11/18 | 14:24
Dear users, work of the site is fully restored.
09/11/18 | 17:33
Dear users, we added new 4G/LTE proxy and upgraded the proxy service: proxy are more stable now! You can rent proxy in 4G/LTE proxy section