News for Egypt users! We have new seller of refill codes. He accepts bank transfers, vodafone cash and more wallets. See in the Refill codes sellers page of the Balance section.
26/06/18 | 17:56
Dear users, the crypto payments have been temporary disabled for now. Work is in progress  at the receiver's side.
22/06/18 | 20:41
Unfortunately our smspva Paypal account got blocked. Please proceed with our resellers.
22/06/18 | 16:40
Friends, unfortunately from today we are forced to accept PayPal payments that are only more than 50$. If you want to pay less than 50$, then use our sellers' services.
21/06/18 | 13:37
We need seller from India, South Korea to sell `balance refill codes` for Indian rupee and South Korean won. Skype alex268040
20/06/18 | 17:58
If you need software then we are ready to create it for you! For example, we have made the "Nike Account Registrator" now. P.S. The price of the software depends on the complexity. Also, note that we
07/06/18 | 17:19
We have added separately a virtual USA numbers. They are available for most services. The rating for USA Virtual SIM2 is counting several times less! You can search for a suitable number almost
07/06/18 | 12:57
the USA numbers have been corrected. Available for activation
31/05/18 | 18:06
We now have ready Nike accounts for sale in the Accounts store.
28/05/18 | 18:26
If you cannot make personal PayPal payments, you could use our proven resellers on this page: (Sellers of promo codes) They will sell you a coupon for top up the
28/05/18 | 12:31
Many countries of South-East Asia have no option of `personal payment`. Thus, they cannot make a payment to the SMSPVA. We have decided that we need several reliable, regular SMSPVA users,